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AI solution to generate replies for your agents in real time.

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  • Largest scientific and professional organization of psychologists in the United States.

  • Lime runs electric scooters, electric bikes and electric mopeds in various cities around the world.

  • Kofax is an Irvine, California-based intelligent automation software provider.

  • Softorino is where iPhone, iPad & iPod users find best iTunes alternatives and tutorials.

NLP Lab Benefits


shortening of Ticket Resolution

Dedicated ML Model for Your Project

is trained on your data running on dedicated server.

Patent Pending

AI Technology built on the unique approach with REAL AI modeling.

How It Works

Client Story

CС department: 30 people

Operating: 24/7

Industry: macOS Utility Software

Client Story

CС department:
30 people

Industry: macOS
Utility Software


70% improvement of the Response Time

Company reduced response time without sacrificing the quality of the response.

50% cut of the Customer Support Costs

Customer support boosted which allowed to save 1500 billable hours per months.

Solving Things

Semantria Real AI

AI generated replies for emails that use entire previous email communication as a knowledge base.

Text Lense AI Soon

Visualise structure of multiparagraph text to make it faster to read and persieve key points, senses and meaning.


SuperCharge Your Support Team with NLP LAB Real AI