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With a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms, NLP Lab team creates cutting-edge AI solutions that drive business growth.



Innovativeness is driving force behind our solutions. We constantly seeking to create groundbreaking technologies that shape the future.

Team Work

We grow through teamwork, as we believe in fostering a collaborative environment where diverse talents and expertise converge.


We always try to think beyond conventions to craft our solutions that revolutionize industries and elevate user experiences.


Honesty is the bedrock of our company. We prioritize integrity, and open communication in our team as strive to build long-lasting cooperation.

Having a great team is part of the plan. Making this team work for a common goal - is the idea. We started from skratch with an ambitionto revolutionize AI for Customer Support. And two years after we have a patented technology that will save billions of dolars to the industry.

Roman L. / CEO

Cosupport AI Product

Introducing Cosupport AI by NLP Lab — a revolutionary solution that utilizes your past conversation history to provide instant, accurate response templates for your customer support agents.

Your support department can boost productivity by 30% to 80%, while saving time and money without sacrificing quality.

NLP Lab Team

Roman L. / CEO

Daria L. / Advisor, Co-founder

Oleksandr K. / ML Engineer

Slava B. / Head of Business Dev.

And other beautiful talented people


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